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Please contact us to find out more information about any of our training options. We recommend scheduling a free private evaluation with us and your family in your home prior to scheduling board and train. All of our board and train dogs live with us in our home.
$60/Night or $420/Week
2 Week Board and Train $800

During the two week board and train we teach your dog all of the basic commands and work on any behavior problems that you are experiencing. Your dog will be worked in our home and out in various public places. 


The two week program is great for all dogs especially those who need some help with the basics. Following the two weeks we will work with you and your dog to teach you how to communicate with your dogs and reinforce desired behaviors. 

4 Week Board and Train


The four week board and train offers everything that our two week offers but the program is designed to work with dogs who have specific behavioral problems that need to be worked on or dogs with specific training goals in mind. Please feel free to contact us to figure out which option is best for you and your dog. ​

Professional, dedicated, dog lovers. Let us help you build a strong bond and relationship between you and your beloved canine companion.

Private Lessons $80

We offer private lessons for you and your dog. We will go to your house and focus on whatever area of training you need help with. This is designed for anyone that needs help with their dog.

*Please note that there will be travel expenses added to the total price for clients living more than 15 miles away.

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