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Rates: $40/night for the first dog and $20 for each additional dog from the same household


We offer kennel free boarding in our home. All of our boarding dogs live in our house like one of our own dogs. We follow the rules that you have at home and reinforce good manners and obedience while you are away.


Our goal is to make your dog's boarding experience as stress free as possible. All of our boarding dogs receive daily exercise. For those that are good off-leash we take them up to private property for an off-leash hike where they can run and play with the other dogs. For those that do not do well in an off-leash situation we take them on a walk around our neighborhood or play with them in our own backyard. 


We understand that leaving your dog can be very stressful for both you and your dog and it is our goal to make your dog's stay a very positive experience. 


We also offer training add ons for dogs that have completed our board and train program. We will work on anything that your dog needs a little practice with. This is an additional $20/night.


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